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Since our inception in 1992, our processes have continuously evolved and improved. Our team is staffed with qualified, experienced and objective personnel who understand the regulatory requirements and aim to provide cost effective services to our clients.

Advanced Enviro Engineering Ltd. is a fully insured environmental engineering firm, permitted by APEGA.

Environmental Site Assessments

Our Phase I ESAs meet the terms of reference consistent with CMHC and CSA requirements as well as being conducted according to the APEGA Code of Ethics.

Some of our active sectors

  • Multi-tenant residential & commercial
  • Medium to large scale commercial and industrial
  • County public works and airports

We conduct Phase II and III ESAs for gas stations, dry cleaners, transportation yards, landfills etc. Advanced Enviro Engineering Ltd. successfully completed many Phase III projects under the Alberta Remediation Program.

Environmental Monitoring

We have managed and planned environmental monitoring for numerous sites. Our experienced team evaluate each site ensuring monitoring programs meet regulatory requirements while being as cost effective as possible. Our monitoring services include:

  • Field sampling planning,
  • Groundwater monitoring well installation and sampling,
  • Soil sampling,
  • Landfill gas sampling and monitoring, and
  • Contaminant delineation.

A conceptual site model will be included in the report to provide the client with a summary of site conditions. Based on this, we will provide recommendations for further actions, if required.

Site Remediation

Environmental remediation is the treatment and/or removal of contamination from soil, groundwater, and/or surface water. Our team plan, implement, and manage remedial action plans to clean up sites affected by substances such as petroleum hydrocarbons, perchloroethylene (PCE), and heavy metals. We select the most appropriate and cost-effective remedial techniques for each project while adhering to federal and provincial environmental regulations.

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