Advanced Enviro Engineering has successfully and safely delivered numerous projects to satisfied clients in Alberta. Read about select projects that were successfully completed.

Scona Garage & Apartments Phase I & II

This two storey rectangular brick building was opened in 1912 and was awarded the Edmonton Historical Board
Plaque Award in 2006.

Advanced Enviro conducted a Phase I and Phase II ESA that included soil and groundwater sampling as well as a Hazardous Material Assessment for the building.

Alexis Courthouse Phase II  – Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nation

Advanced Enviro Engineering Ltd. was retained  to undertake a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment involving borehole drilling, soil sampling and groundwater sampling for the 0.366 hectare property.

Phase I through Phase III Remediation in Smoky Lake

Advanced Enviro was retained to conduct a Phase I ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) on a commercial property in Smoky Lake. Based on information revealed during the Phase I, Advanced Enviro was contracted to undertake delineation and remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination from a removed underground petroleum storage tank, as part of the Alberta Remediation Program. Advanced Enviro was also contracted to submit the registration application for a Class II landfarm site and oversee landfarming of the contaminated soil.

EIA for Broadband Towers – Parkland County

Advanced Enviro Engineering Ltd. conducted an Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed locations of six communication towers that were constructed by Parkland County. The proposed project was the first phase of a larger initiative to build a structurally separated backbone network of a broadband backhaul network to facilitate extension of high speed broadband service to residents and businesses in Parkland County.

Gas Stations, Dry Cleaners & UST and Landfill Projects

Advanced Enviro has done numerous Phase I, II and III ESAs in Alberta for gas stations, dry cleaners, former landfills and highway maintenance yards. We have managed projects from the initial desk study to final remediation of the site.

Setback Distance Studies For Non-Operating Landfills

Advanced Enviro conducted several Engineering Studies in order to apply for reduction of the setback distance between non-operating landfills and proposed residential developments.

The studies included delineating the waste footprint and the contaminant migration plume by pit testing and groundwater sampling. Advanced Enviro provided recommendations on whether encroachment was feasible, and mitigation measures to minimize impacts on the proposed residential development from the reclaimed landfill.

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